IRS audit rates are growing for all different classes of taxpayer. As scary as an audit can be, the law allows a taxpayer to have a representative with them during the entire process.

If you receive a letter from the IRS indicating an audit is coming, don’t panic. Call us immediately so we can examine the details and come up with the most effective strategy to defend you.

After the audit, you’ll receive the IRS’s calculation of the total tax, interest and penalties you owe, if any. Having an advocate with you like Apex Tax Defense’s Mike Moran, a licensed Enrolled Agent who is authorized to represent you before the IRS, can make all the difference in the outcome.

Don’t talk to the IRS before calling Apex. We’ll do everything possible to protect your rights, limit the audit’s scope and control information exposed to the IRS. We’ll make sure you’re prepared and organized before the audit is complete, and negotiate down penalties, if any.

Kill all your tax problems today with Apex.