Think you’re alone in neglecting to file your taxes? You’re not.

There are plenty of reasons Americans don’t file tax returns: health problems, inability to pay what’s owed, personal issues. Sometimes, we just don’t do it.

It may make perfect sense at the time, but eventually the IRS catches up with you, and then you’re on the hook.

If you’re among those the IRS calls “delinquent” for not filing tax returns, this is among the very first items we’ll help you with at Apex Tax Defense. The IRS will not engage in any kind of negotiation until the filing of all applicable back tax returns is done. Be aware that in rare cases, the IRS can even file tax returns for you under the SFR (Substitute Filed Return) program.

The good news is if you had a reason not to file such as a major illness, we can help you negotiate to reduce penalties and interest. If the IRS filed for you under the SFR program, we can file your actual return to erase the filed SFR, which can lead to massive tax savings.

Call Apex Tax Defense today. We’ll assess the situation, explain your options, and you’ll sigh with relief when you realize how workable the situation can be.

Kill all your tax problems today with Apex.