Wage Garnishment Release

Wage garnishment is one of the hardest, most humiliating things the government can do to you. You’re working your butt off for every cent, and suddenly the government starts taking a bite out of each and every paycheck.

More literally, wage garnishment is when the IRS orders your employer to withhold a portion of your paycheck until your debt is paid off. It can make it tough to live a normal life, even pay the bills. Your employer has no choice in the matter—and the IRS may seize as much as 75% of your pay.

While it’s illegal for an employer to fire an employee due to wage garnishment, it never helped any employee for their boss to know about their tax problems.

A wage garnishment release may be the solution.

Talk to us. In most cases, we can get the garnishment released quickly, sometimes on the very same day you hire us. Once the garnishment is released, you may have other options.

Don’t let the IRS take a bite out of your paycheck—call Apex Tax Defense now.

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